Claims Process

Claims are handled through our Centres of Expertise by your dedicated claims handler.

  • If you are calling about a new claim we will need you to provide us with as much information as possible so that we can assess what steps need to be taken
  • If immediate assistance is required (i.e. your client needs a tow truck, repairer, plumber, glazier, carpet cleaner etc) we will provide you with contact details for recommended service people so that you can pass this information on to your client
  • If motor repairs are required, our claims team will strongly recommend that you direct your client to use Lumley’s Approved Quality Repairer Network. The network is for all light motor vehicle claims, and offers the opportunity to utilise the expertise and skills of a select group of quality collision repairers.

    Once immediate assistance has been given, we will manage the claim on an ongoing basis until the matter is finalised

Complete your online claims form here.