Proposal and Declaration Forms

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Engineering proposal and declaration forms

Contract Works

Contract Works single risk fact finder

Contract Works declaration of work to be undertaken form

Contract Works renewal declaration form

Transit, Erection and Testing

Transit, Erection and Testing proposal form

Advanced Loss of Profits

Please contact the Engineering team via the NZI Sales team.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment proposal form

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown proposal form

Loss of Profits proposal form

Deterioration of Stock proposal form

Deterioration of Stock endorsement form

Contractors Plant and Machinery

Plant and Machinery proposal form

Plant, Machinery and Tools proposal form

Liability proposal and declaration forms

Combined Liability renewal declaration- all lines  All lines (except Technology Liability) renewal declaration form
Adventure Tourism Liability Adventure Tourism & Events Organisers proposal form

Employers Liability

General, Statutory and Employers Liability proposal form

Employers Liability no claims declaration form

Employers Liability renewal declaration form

Fidelity and Crime Liability

Crime proposal form

General Liability

General, Statutory and Employers Liability proposal form

General Liability no claims declaration form

General Liability renewal declaration form

Internet Liability Internet Liability proposal form

Statutory Liability

General, Statutory and Employers Liability proposal form

Statutory Liability no claims declaration form

Statutory Liability renewal declaration form 

Statutory Liability (Australia) form

Associations Liability

Associations Liability proposal form

Associations Liability no claims declaration form

Associations Liability renewal declaration form

Property owners Liability Property owners Liability proposal/declaration form

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability proposal form

Directors and Officers Liability no claims
declaration form

Directors and Officers Liability renewal
declaration form (Temporarily unavailable)

Employment Disputes Liability

Employment Disputes Liability proposal form

Employment Disputes Liability no claims
declaration form

Employment Disputes Liability renewal
declaration form

Malpractice Liability

Malpractice Liability proposal form

Malpractice Liability no claims declaration form


Malpractice Liability renewal declaration form

Management Shield Management Shield proposal form

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity proposal form (Temporarily unavailable)

Professional Indemnity no claims declaration form

Professional Indemnity renewal declaration form

Professional Indemnity (Licensed Building Practitioners) declaration form

Trustees Liability

Trustees Liability proposal form

Trustees Liability no claims declaration form

Trustees Liability renewal declaration form

Technology Liability

Technology Liability proposal form (Temporarily unavailable)

Technology Liability no claims declaration form (Temporarily unavailable)

Technology Liability renewal declaration form (Temporarily unavailable)

Bailees Liability

Bailees Liability renewal declaration form

Bailees Liability proposal form

Legal Prosecution Defence Liability

Legal Prosecution Defence proposal form

Legal Prosecution Defence no claims declaration form

Legal Prosecution Defence renewal declaration form

Marine proposal and declaration forms


Commercial Fishing Vessel proposal form

Commercial Hull proposal form

Marine Builders Risk proposal form

Marine Dealers Hull proposal form

Marine Hull Bluewater proposal form

Masters Questionnaire form


Aviation Risks in Transit proposal form

Building in Transit proposal form

Horticultural Produce Marine proposal form

Household Removal proposal form (Temporarily unavailable)

Marine Cargo proposal form

Marine Cargo annual declaration form

Marine Consequential Loss and/or advanced profits proposal form

Vehicle in Transit proposal form

Vehicle Preshipment Condition report

Vessel in Transit proposal form

Pleasurecraft Safe Anchor pleasurecraft proposal form

Carriers Liability

Carriers Liability proposal form

Marine Liability

Charterers Liability proposal form

Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers combined liability renewal questionnaire

Freight Forwarders Combined Liability proposal form

Marina Operators Liability proposal form

Ship Repairers Liability proposal form

Stevedores Liability proposal form

Wharfingers Legal Liability proposal form

Motor proposal forms


TOP PAK™ proposal form


Please contact the NZI Commercial Motor team

One to Ten Plus

One to Ten Plus proposal form


Please contact your Business Development Manager.


Personal Lines proposal forms

Safe and Sound™

Safe and Sound™ Home and Contents proposal form
Contents valuation guide

Drive Easy

Drive Easy proposal form

Safe Anchor

Safe Anchor Pleasurecraft proposal form

Property proposal forms

Material Damage and Business

Material Damage and Business Interruption proposal form

Material Damage and Business Interruption declaration form

Personal Accident and Illness

Personal Accident and Illness proposal form

Personal Accident and Illness declaration of health form

Earthquake Damage Declaration

 Earthquake damage declaration form