Marine Liabilities

Our range of Marine Liability insurance policies are available for any person or business with a third party exposure.

Freight Forwarders Liability

  • Covers freight forwarders for any negligence to goods in their care, custody or control

Stevedores Liability

  • Covers stevedores for any negligence of goods in their care, custody or control for the duration of loading/unloading
  • Covers third party damage or injury
  • Includes cover for consequential losses

Ship Repairers Liability

  • Provides cover for any vessel and its accompanying equipment in the repairer’s care, custody or control
  • Provides cover for a repairer making good either the structural vessel or any part of its permanent equipment or machinery
  • A predetermined notification period exists within the policy and up to this point the policy will cover damage allegedly caused by the repairer’s negligence

Marina Operator Liability

  • Insures the owner or operator of a marina against claims of negligence resulting in third party damage or injury

Charterers Liability

  • Covers damage to the vessel
  • Covers third party property damage and personal injury
  • Covers contractual liability assumed under the Charter Party Agreement
  • Can be extended to cover cargo