Our range of Hull insurance policies can be tailored to suit any vessel or commercial situation. They are designed to protect vessels, their gear and equipment in international or New Zealand waters including seas, lakes or inland waterways.

Commercial Hull

Skippered or bareboat charters through to commercial fleets (including fishing vessels).

Optional extensions:

  • Third Party Liabilities
  • Additional Machinery Damage

Builders Risk

Building Risk plus transit, launch and sea trials for pleasure or commercial craft.

Blue Horizons Pleasurecraft

Caters for pleasurecraft while ashore, afloat or in transit within New Zealand.

Policy options:

1. Insured Craft (at an agreed value)

  • Includes hull, furniture, fittings, sails, mast, rigging, inboard/outboard motors, trailer
  • No depreciation for a total loss
  • Ancillary equipment (<5 years) settled on a full replacement basis
  • Personal effects included unless otherwise insured

2. Contents up to 10 Years of Age

  • Repair or replacement without depreciation
  • Includes household appliances, furniture and furnishings whilst on board

3. Legal Liabilities

  • Standard limits of either $1m or $2m
  • Includes liability of Insured whilst in charge of any other pleasurecraft