Malpractice Liability

Our Malpractice Liability insurance policy has been specifically designed for organisations and professionals in the healthcare industry.

Malpractice Liability insurance policy benefits

  • Protects against civil liability arising from the business of the insured
  • Includes cover for defence costs incurred in defending any valid claim under the policy

The Malpractice Liability insurance policy can also provide these three key items of protection:

Boards and Committees of the Insured

  • In the normal conduct of their business, the Insured may be subject to a formal medical audit or investigation
  • Should a claim eventuate, the policy will respond (subject to normal policy terms and conditions)

Exemplary Damages

  • Even under the ACC regime, there are cases where a court will determine that additional costs and damages must be paid by the insured as a result of their negligence
  • This section of the policy will respond in this situation

Inquests and Coronial Inquiries

  • Lumley will protect the Insured for the costs of legal representation at such inquests and inquiries where a valid claim could eventuate under the policy