Who are we and what do we offer?

Businesses today operate in an ever-evolving legal and regulatory environment. Consequently, different stakeholders in a business, such as customers, shareholders and regulators, can cause disruption as they exercise their perceived right to recover or make an example of an individual or entity.

Whether any legal action or investigation into the affairs of an individual or entity has merit or not, it has the potential to cause financial hardship for an individual or a business. Therefore, it is good risk management practice to have comprehensive liability insurance in place to lower or transfer this risk. 

Our Liability team is an industry-leading team of underwriters providing responsive insurance solutions to a wide range of New Zealand businesses, from private start-ups to listed entities, across a variety of industries and professions.

Whether financial loss arises from provision of professional services, or from supplying a product or managing staff, our suite of insurance solutions can cover the costs of meeting court judgments or out of court settlements, as well as the legal costs of investigating and defending a claim. In addition, each policy solution has several extensions available covering a range of other potential financial losses such as fines and penalties, reparation orders, fraud, personal injury claims that are not covered by ACC, regulatory investigations (e.g. WorksafeNZ) and much more. 

Our liability insurance solutions are backed by a proactive claims team, enabling our customers to trade with confidence.
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