Tailored Insurance Packages:

Size Counts

What does a two-truck operation have in common with a 62 vehicle fleet? Of course there are similarities, but there are some fundamental differences. We understand those differences and have tailored our insurance packages to meet the specific needs of each segment in the transport industry. So when we say size counts, we mean no matter how big or how small, every transport operator deserves a different, targeted solution.

Our insurance offer has been re-packaged to meet the needs of four distinct segments. It stands to reason that if each segment has a different organisational profile and access to resources, they should be treated differently.

The components of the offer are designed to be accessible, affordable and relevant. And as a package, our offer puts as much emphasis on accident prevention as it does on policies and dealing with claims.

All this is something that needs to work for your clients. We want to help them grow their business, so if there is something that doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll do something about it.

Read how tailored packages of the right services produce real and measurable business improvements for two different businesses on our Motor Made Easy website.

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