Large - 16-50 vehicles

A tailored insurance package specifically for Transport Operators with between 16 and 50 vehicles*.


What does it mean?

Benefits for your clients

Torque Data  

  • An online fleet management system that enables your clients to monitor their vehicle fleet performance
  • This includes recording and maintaining vehicle and staff details and crash and incident frequency rates
  • Through better management of risk, your clients will reap the rewards through improved operational efficiency and an improved bottom line.

Because Torque Data:

  • Helps to minimise their risk as they will know more about their driver performance
  • Helps improve cost management by reducing repairs, costs and frequency
  • Provides your client with a staff management facility
  • Reports any claims directly to Lumley – making the process much smoother
  • Information gathered enables Lumley to tailor a Fleet Risk Management programme specifically for your client’s business 

Crash Scene Assistance service   0800 111 108

  • 24/7 crash assistance service
  • For all commercial vehicles
  • One call takes all the hassle away from your clients and their drivers, takes care of sending the right tow truck at the right time and arranging the clean up to initiating the assessment process
  • The right tow truck for the right vehicle at the right time
  • Help any time of the day or night
  • Road clean-up and vehicle salvage
  • It gets them back on the road faster
  • Provides support for the driver involved

Subsidised in-vehicle camera

  • A unique safety awareness and management tool
  • Reduces collisions caused by unsafe driving behaviour
  • Reduces fuel expenses caused by aggressive driving
  • Reduces maintenance costs (tyres/brakes etc)
  • Provides access to unbiased evidence to determine fault and settle claims
  • Lower insurance costs due to reduced claims and direct bottom line savings to your client’s business

Discounted Accident Risk Management profiling  

Accident Risk Management (ARM) is a survey which provides insight into an individual’s attitude towards:

  • Safety
  • Avoiding risk
  • Stress
  • Driving and quality
  •  Helps to select better quality staff
  • Can help to reduce your client’s accident and incident rate keeping your trucks on the road

Modelled premium rating 

  • We will rate risk based on individual performance
  • The bigger your client’s business the more performance influences the premium rates they pay
  • Moving away from ‘book rates’
  • Clearly shows value – i.e.: performance improvement will reduce your clients risk

Premium options

  • We can offer tailored premium solutions to meet your client’s business needs 
  • Provides your clients with increased flexibility   

Dedicated claims team

  • Your clients can rest assured that a dedicated claims team will always work on their claims  
  • We will provide your clients with optimal service delivery because we will have intrinsic knowledge of their business needs    

*Vehicles = powered units involved in cartage

For more information contact the Commercial Motor team on 0800 561 999 or email