Commercial Motor

We’ve been serving the transport industry since our company began. That’s over 50 years of understanding the issues, coming up with solutions, and working hard at getting better at what we do. It’s a legacy we’re really proud of.

We understand that transport makes a vital contribution to the economy as it moves products and people around the country. And it’s important that this is done in the safest and most cost-effective way possible. So we’ll play our part, and continue to work towards making a real difference to how well the transport industry operates.

Commercial Motor Centre of Expertise

We have one team combining fleet risk managers, motor assessors, underwriters and claims people, who can provide your clients with:

  • Rapid responses to enquiries
  • Prompt access to the best insurance brains
  • Quicker and more accurate decisions

Segmented offers

Because we recognise that each transport operator has unique needs, we have created a number of insurance offers, which are specifically tailored to meet a range of different needs, including unique benefits you can only get through Lumley.

Crash Scene Assistance

Our 24/7 Crash Scene Assistance service provides your clients with the security of knowing that when an accident happens, our team of experts is ready to respond.

Fleet Risk Management

Our team of expert Fleet Risk Managers are on hand to help your clients understand and minimise risks to their business and fleets. This includes specialist programmes and services designed to assist transport operators with Health and Safety, driver training, stress and fatigue management and driver safety. Most of these services are availble to transport operators insured with NZI or Lumley for free.

You can find out more about FRM here. Or please contact our team

Approved Quality Repairer Network

Lumley’s new Approved Repairer Network covers all light motor claims, and offers your customers the opportunity to utilise the expertise and skills of a select group of expert motor repairers. 

Contact the Commercial Motor team on 0800 561 999 or email